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Spokez Responsibility.

We strongly believe in social responsibility.

We strongly believe in supporting The Australian Economy and Australian small businesses.

Wherever possible all of our products and gifts are sourced from local Australian suppliers.

In 2019/2020  a considerable amount of these businesses were  severely impacted by either Bush fires and/or drought.  The Australian economy as a whole has been severely impacted by COVID-19.

With your support we can help these businesses recover and thrive.


Everyone loves a discount and receiving money off. We would love to offer discounts , but all we ask in return is that some of the money that you save be donated to an Australian Charity.

Modern Day Slavery.

We will not source or condone any products from factories where modern day Slavery is used i.e sweatshops.

We will not source any products from companies that in the past have attributed their success to collaboration with dictatorships.

We believe that in these modern days where we are all so busy, what a different world it could be if we were all kinder and less judgmental to others.

Delivery Companies.

We will strive to avoid using delivery companies that put their drivers under undue pressure using the gig economy. Our aim is to always use a local delivery company that is not only Australian owned but also reliable.

Environmental Responsibility.

Please stay safe and thank you for your support